Saturday, July 19, 2008


Beginnings are fun, for me they always bring, hope, optimism, change. After getting a new MacBook about a year, being let go from my job, bond sales(I'm in a retail job at the moment,now), I have migrated to the blog world/zine world as my main source of information. Among my daily reads have been some Chicago blogs, AngryWhiteGuy, Meghan's Blaah, Hungry Magazine, some food blogs, Heidi Swanson at 101cookbooks, Michael Ruhlman, Egg Beater,among others, some ultra running blogs, Fast Foodie, Run More Talk Less,my spiritual and physical guides, Coach Steve Ilg and Joy Ananda Kilpatrick at Wholistic Fitness,(I subscribe to his blog, Direct Lines) Michelle at My InnerWorld, and of course the standard news, information blogs, Salon,(I am a Salon Premium member), New York Times, Boing Boing and Digg. I just like being aware of things, and of what's going on, maybe high yield bond sales was a good profession for me, because I like knowing a little about a lot of things. After all, there are so many interesting things to learn about out there, but yes, that is kind of "the slacker in me",  because a good corporate citizen or professional knows a lot about a specific thing...I was one of those kids who always wanted to know everything, which managers of course don't necessarily like because the corporate world is ruled by control and by withholding information or making it privileged to the chosen few. 
       Now from the sounds of all the blogs I read, you probably think I spend hours on my computer a day, which goes back to the whole concept of this blog, my slackerness. I don't really spend hours a day but there is a lot of great information on the web. I am a foodie and love to read and stay in touch with the food blog world, because I would love to be an accomplished cook some day but my slacker tendencies slow me down in that arena. Are you getting the drift of my blog now? I would love to finish an ultra-marathon this year(I have run 7 marathons and jogged 8) and reading some of the ultra-marathoning blogs are really motivational to me, to realize that yes, there are people who are out there doing these things, it is not just a dream or vision. I live in the flatlands of Chicago, home to a great number of watchers and fans, not necessarily doers. Yes, THERE ARE DOERS in Chicago too, but, when you walk down the street or get on a plane going to Chicago, there is a distinct difference in the size of the people. If you had a plane load of people going to Portland, Oregon , home to the Hood to Coast race(I organized a team, The Wild Onions to participate 2 years in a row)and a plane load going to Chicago, you can tell which people are which. Chicago is home to the "ultimate sports fan", the sitter, the watcher, so blogs are great to show me people are putting their ideas into action. 
In my old life of a bond salesman, I was forced to listen to TV all day and the talking heads of MSNBC and it is all chatter and blah, blah, blah. I looked at a bond job a little bit like surfing without the fun of the physicalness of it, I was constantly trying to keep up with the waves of information, the stock market was up, it was down, the Fed is coming out with a number, Bernanke said this or that. It wasn't information I necessarily was passionate about or highly interested in and I could go away on vacation for 10 days(another slacker tendency) and come back and it was the same thing all over again. So, I love the web because I have control over ferreting out the information that I want. However, in the bond and corporate world, surfing the web is a major slacker tendency. So I basically have all these slacker tendencies that I am trying to find a middle ground to. Having "slacker" tendencies is anti-American, anti-Corporate, frowned upon by society.  Did I mention I am not a morning person, another slacker tendency. SO my thought with this blog is to document my attempts to mesh my slacker tendencies with my goals. I think there are people out there who have slacker tendencies as well and you know, it is hard being a slacker in a world of worker bees. Someone once said to me, it is hard being an introvert in an extroverted world. IT IS, and it is hard being a slacker in a Type A oriented world. But I really think there is a moderate ground I am just trying to find it. Time for me to bike the Green City Market here to get my dose of wheat grass and shopping in. Who knows, this could be my first, last and only post, but this blogging thing is a whole new world!!!!!!  Ciao....

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