Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Goats

This weekend was action packed, I took a class with Tim Miller at Yoga View on Friday night that was all about the bandhas used in yoga. It was a perfect start to my weekend, Tim explained and demonstrated and we tried to employ the bandhas and understand their purpose or what one tries to achieve, but what I took away is how yoga is such a mental practice and not a physical one and I left the class on Friday night with a sense of peace. I only wished that I could have taken his classes all weekend!!!!!! 
Then I left Saturday morning on a field trip to see the happy goats at Prairie Fruits Farm.  Pastoral sponsored a field trip to the Champaign Farmer's market and then to a visit and tour of the farm. The vendors at the Green City Market have had a lot of tomatoes, however, one of the vendors in Urbana, had the following heirloom varieties, Cosmonaut Volkov, Goldie, Eve's Purple Ball, Black Prince, Garden Peach, Buffalo, Japanese Black Trifele, Roma(Yellow, Red, Black Plum), Green Zebra, Pink Beauty, Celebrity, Arbason, Brandywine, Striped German and Aunt Ruby's German Green and I probably missed some, but I had the thought of how I won't look at tomatoes as just a tomato anymore. At the market I worked on an essay related to my photo project on Electroglobicity which I hadn't thought of for a long time. I came up with this word to account for how the world is basically wired from top to bottom almost everywhere for electricity and on the drive to the market we passed fields with electric poles in the middle which is a scene that is common in almost every farm in every country on every continent and for a period of time, I took pictures of electricity poles wherever I was to document it in a way....But I digress....
 From the market we went to Prairie Fruits where Leslie gave a tour of the cheeserie and we saw the painstaking process of making the cheese and all the rooms for each different humidity needed for the different types of cheese. It just made me realize how precious each little tub of cheese is when you consider all the loving energy that has gone into making it. Then we had an amazing lunch on their porch made with the vegetables and herbs they grow on the farm, of course cheese and some local grilled meat from a nearby organic cow farm. In the afternoon we met the very friendly goats who love to eat almost anything. We left the farm with a little bit of happy goat karma.
 Then to top off my weekend I got up Sunday and biked the 45 minutes down to 63rd St and Jackson Park for the Chicago Half marathon start at 7:30am. I made it just in time, to throw my bike against a tree, drop off my bag and get to the start line. It was raining lightly when we started but after about 5 miles, it began to pour and it seemed like it just kept raining harder and harder, of course, my nano stopped working at 6 miles, my back up radio didn't work so I was musicless for half of the race which I felt was a karmic lesson for me to savor the noises of the racers around me but it was very hard, I LOVE MY MUSIC!!!!!! I kept thinking of the bandhas when I was running and breathing in as much air as possible. It actually was kind of warm, just very, very wet. But after about 9 miles, I decided I couldn't run much slower and I just got into sherpa mode and put my eyes the road in front of me and told myself, one foot in front of the other. I also kept thinking this was only 13 miles, AND I HAVE aspirations to do a 50K, I kept telling myself, this was only 13 miles and I could finish. All I know, is that I in the shape or lack there of I was in and how it felt jogging 13 miles, I couldn't imagine the training I have to do to run 30+ and I got a little frustrated when I saw some of the people that were passing me. And I thought of the uber Speed Goat Karl Meltzer, who is here now of his run of the Appalachian Trail....
I did finish in the pouring rain and then I got on my one speed bike and biked home against the rain and wind. I kinda of enjoyed the weather, for some reason, I feel more alive when I really have to battle the elements, however, I was happy that I was heading home to a hot shower rather than being in the middle of China and heading to my tent. 
I have aspirations to run like a mountain goat, maybe not a Wasatch Speed Goat, but in the middle of the race I thought about creating different speed goat levels relative to my fitness and at least I feel I am at level one, the farm goat.  I realize I really need to move to the mountains where I will have a playground to train in, rather than the flatlands here. But as I said to myself in the race, everything is a journey, one step at a time and at least I was there participating and I am happy that I did!!!!!!!!!!

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