Saturday, November 22, 2008

Seize the Day

      Well, my latest music to write an entry to is "Seize the Day", and "The World Ain't Slowing Down" both by Ellis Paul and I found Ellis Paul from my Beautiful World by Colin Hay station on Pandora.  My yoga continues to progress, so that is a positive, I got up from a backbend this week(with help) and that was after 5 backbends. I haven't gotten up from a backbend in about 8 years and today it felt much easier than 8 years ago. And I am seeing my body open more, and my shoulders loosen up( come on, I live in the City of Big Shoulders)and all that is very exciting to me because I can feel it affecting me mentally as well.
     This week has been about great food but in moderation, Ed Levine at Serious Eats keeps making progress on his weight loss despite being around amazing food all the time, and it is definitely possible to have a healthy relationship with great food. I am finding that I really have to practice eating much slower, being thankful for the creativity and effort that went into producing it and being particular about where the ingredients came from. I made Heidi's Baby Lima Soup with Chipotle broth. I found that I loved the broth, I am a total chipotle addict and the carmelized onions in the broth tasted great but I somehow messed up cooking the beans and they never got passed el dente, I tried to ignore the fact since I loved the broth but the soup is really about the beans, so I tossed it after giving it a couple of tries for lunch and dinner. I just could not get passed the too crunchy beans. But I may try making the broth again. Went to a great dinner at May Street Market that was sponsored by Chicago Gourmets and featured Sheila Lukens who cowrote the Silver Palate Cookbook and just came out with a new one, named Ten. Then this weekend is the Localicious Party on Friday, Family Farmed Expo and the Edible Chicago magazine booth that I am working at. How can anyone be in a bad mood around healthy food and happy people. And tonight I am going to try to go to Soiree Dada: Schmuckt Der Hallen at the DCA Storefront Theater that Don Hall, the Angry White Guy is directing.  Last year I was too scared to go the Dada show because they take people out of the audience and put them on stage and the thought of that was way too scary to me. Since then , I went to their summer show and at least have a small, fraction of an idea what to expect so my fears are eased or am I becoming less fearful about things.
   As far as running, that has suffered a little, it has been very cold here, and grey skies and I lose excitement about getting outside, but it is on the plan for tomorrow morning early. I have been mentally working on the Jagged Edge story but have not done much writing. I am finding I have tons of scenes but I feel not enough of a plot or dramatic arc in my story, but I going to get started on it today between the Family Farmed Expo and the Dada Show.
    So today has been a hopeful week, full of some personal breakthroughs and some things not accomplished. I kind of miss my old sales trading job. I am realizing there were times where I really enjoyed it. The key for me is to find balance. As my balancing poses in yoga improve so does balance in my life, funny how that works...But I am feeling a bit of running guilt that I need to get outside more no matter what the weather!!!!!!!!!!!! So hopefully I will make some progress on that.....

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olga said...

Jeannie, thank you so much for such nice comments! You know what the first step for a slacker? To admit you are one. I do:) It's like with all the AA clubs, you know? Once I tell myself I suck, I kind of tend to get better. Then I let it go. It's a cycle, and I realize it. And I surely know what it is to run in the cold weather (I used to live in NYC). The important part is to celebrate when you DO get out and not dwell on when you don't! be kind to yourself! I am happy I can provide any kind of good imput, and I do believe we all are much better than we think we are. that's what friends are for - to tell us either way and keep us honest! Have a great holiday season!