Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cold, Colder Xmas

Well, Chicago has officially turned into the Arctic, although I don't think it is going to last very long, it is suppose to go up to 40 degrees over the next couple of days which means slush and super huge puddles all over the city.  I went on a medium length, icy Xmas run out to the point at North Avenue beach.  As I continue to really, really, miss the mountains, and skiing and traveling, when I run with so much snow and ice on the ground I pretend that I am training to ski to the North Pole and the terrain brings back memories of being on the Baltoro Glacier in Pakistan or other times of being in snow in the mountains. Living next to the Lake is a true luxury because the landscape takes on so many different personalities depending on the time of year it is. I spoke to my mother and my brother, who is a true saint living with my mother, and who has the biggest heart in the world. I spoke to several friends to wish them Merry Xmas as well.  But as I ran I was so appreciative that I have the ability to run and I like the challenge of the ice and snow it makes my quick jog a lot more fun and interesting and really puts me in the moment as I had to focus on where I placed each step. For some reason I finally got the Xmas card sending spirit so that is one of my projects for the weekend.  And I was very appreciative of having sunlight today, and seeing the sunset!!!!!!!!!!!! For the last week it has been very gloomy and cold and I have decided that I definitely get S.A.D. during this time of year. I am appreciative of every ray of sunlight and every single sunset that I see!!!!!!!!!! I am not running the Huff50K, was not in the cards, I could not find any transportation to it but I am committed to the Lake Front Ultra on April 4th. I am entering shortly because I absolutely am going to run it!
  My plan for the rest of the day is to make the ginger cookies that has been on my list to do for awhile, and see a movie I rented that is about to expire, 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama. Somewhat of an appropriate movie to watch on Xmas, and the Xmas lights which I love are still up all over the neighborhood so life is good today!!!! The Xmas holiday makes everyone slow down, snow and ice makes everyone slow down, so for once, the rest of the world is forced to forego, "rushitis, the disease of acting incredibly busy and stressed".  And I am trying to get accepted by the Dog Running guy to start, well for me, jogging several dogs each morning in the neighborhood. I figure I need to pick up my mileage, I really miss having a dog and I can get paid for doing 2 things I love at the same time. So I have to remember to continue to lighten up in many ways, lighten up physically, which one of my weekend projects is to buy some new pants because most of pants are too big now, to lighten up mentally, and to appreciate those little moments of joy in everything that I do and to really appreciate my friends and to focus on increasing joy and love in my life............
                   Merry Xmas

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Meghan Burke said...

Nice post, as usual, Jeannie! Merry belated Christmas and Happy early New Year!