Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009!!!

 I am posting on the fly right now, these pictures are from my usual run to Olive Part we are now in full Arctic mode here in Chicago. I love the way the ice forms which is why skiing to the North Pole is a trip I want to do. The pathway along the water with the trees reminds me of walkways in Paris. I am obviously dying to travel again but at least I have the memories of having been to Paris and winter camping(not the North Pole unfortunately) and I have an active imagination. I had to add in this quote from Steve Ilg's Wholistic Fitness site,

                              "One climbs, one sees. One descends, one sees no longer, but one has seen. There is an art of conducting one's self in the lower regions by the memory of what one has seen higher up. When one can no longer see, one can at least know." Rene Dumal

 The quote is so true, I miss mountains and the beauty of their summits but at least I have seen and I do know. I highly recommend Steve/Coach's site.  The bottom 2 pictures are of of giant water lilies from the Amazon and then what I call Ice Lilies.  So this is my appreciation of the cold and the beauty in every day nature for today!!!

  Okay, 2009.....I made a list of ideal Jeannie and realistic Jeannie. The top of the list is that IJ is a morning person and gets up at 5:30 springs out of bed to either go running, read my daily blogs and comments or works on Edible Chicago. RJ does not spring out of bed and has never been a morning person. I really think morning people are born and not made. Most of my life I have been frustrated that I am not a morning person, it would be so nice to love waking up early, once I am up, I am happy but it is that crucial moment between sleep and wakefulness that for me is so difficult. A little voice takes over in my head saying this bed is comfortable and cozy and that my body and brain does want to get up right this second. I am great working closing hours at my retail store....I am not a night owl anymore but I really like easing into the day, with my coffee and being quiet. On a bike trip I went on, one of the guides characterized the other guide as non-verbal in the morning, that is me, I like to read over the news of the day, my affirmations and think and create my plan for the day. I WISH I sprung out of my plan for 2009 is to work on embracing the day as best I can and going to sleep earlier so I get up a little earlier. And who knows if I do start jogging dogs, I will definitely be getting up earlier in the morning. Do you think morning people are born and not made, what suggestions do you have to make getting up in the morning easier?
   I do plan on making the Roasted Garlic and Winter Squash Soup from Serious Eats this week, one of my other resolutions, to try cooking something new once a week and to make time for it!!!!!!! Have a joyful and productive week............

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