Thursday, May 28, 2009

Asparagus Galore

Well, I have been having a mini asparagus fest......I have found that the fresh, thin asparagus I buy at the farmer's market doesn't need to be cooked.  Once I peel it and take off the "warts", it is juicy enough to be served as is. So I have been having asparagus salad, snacking on asparagus, it is amazing how fresh asparagus has such flavor and particularly the thin stalks are so tender, they are totally different from the thick stalks that I find at the supermarkets and which I never buy. HOWEVER, I experienced a  phenomenon from eating asparagus and that is, it sounds disgusting, but after mother nature's call in the bathroom there was a horrible smell. I had just cleaned my tub and the bathroom with comet, etc, so I thought there must be something rotten in the tub drain. The smell was like rotten eggs. Then of course, I let my fingers do the walking and googled asparagus and found out that this smell is common and is an indicator that I have an enzyme that breaks down asparagus and causes this horrible smell. At least it is a sign that my kidneys are working!!! Then I found that it was referenced in an Austin Powers movie, where he eats asparagus, pees and scares the villain away. Anyways, I thought I was going crazy and when I found so many references on the web to this phenomenon about asparagus it made me laugh!!!! But I have to say, I had a green fest yesterday, a triple dose of wheat grass at the Green City Market,  raw asparagus salad when I got home and then sauteed spinach for dinner and I feel great is amazing how green things make me feel so much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was my getting to ashtanga class the other night or maybe it was both.....
Yeah Spring, yeah summer.............


Saturday, May 23, 2009

TIme Flies

Wow, already Saturday May 23.....have not been terribly inspired to blog, since my Iphone passed have not been taking any pics, will return to blogging when my creative energies recharge(no pun intended)......The job situation has had me very all my energy has been going to keeping my spirits up....and I can't believe it is Memorial Day!!!!!!

I will say, I am committing to writing 1 page a day of the Jagged Edge, not 2 or 3, just one. I have to get on auto pilot in some areas, writing, running and biking to yoga. 3 very simple things that are for some reason for me incredibly hard to execute. My friend Ades has pictures up on Facebook of all his recent trips he has lead. I am very downcast over no treks for me, I could keep going on all the things I am upset about.....

Hopefully I will figure out how to get a new Iphone, I can't rob a bank, etc.....I am just caught up in ennui, how screwed up the world is, Wall Street and what a sham it is. how pay is totally screwed up and mad at myself that I like money and what it brings....I like green things, wheat grass, asparagus, money, spinach, arugula, money, trees, flowers, money...I just have to put my energies in a productive, functional, direction to continue to create abundance in my the moment though I feel like I am caught in a rip tide....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mysore, SUCCESS!!!

I completed my first Mysore class today. I have intended to go to a class for years. Class is somewhat of an oxymoron, because it isn't a class, you/I practice on my own, at my own speed without any instruction. The biggest reason I had not gone to a Mysore class is that I was worried I would not remember all of the Primary Series poses, being the obsessive type, I did not want to go to class unless I completed the WHOLE thing!!!  Friends from my weekly class at Yoga view had encouraged me to go Suddha Weixler's class at 8am at Chicago Yoga Center. The next excuse I created is that Suddha is a very high level, senior teacher who has been taught directly by Sri Pattabhi Jois, who introduced ashtanga yoga to the world outside India, so I am such a beginner at the Primary series that I thought I would embarrass myself, and feel foolish there.
In yoga classes it is very easy to get caught up in body image issues but at the same time it is great because it is a perfect environment to work on those issues. But for me, to go to a new place brings back all the thoughts that I have worked so hard to get rid of and I totally forget about self acceptance.
But I am so happy, I did it!!!!!!!!!!!  I created a few poses along the way and I decided there is a reason the Hindus did not create a squirrel god because squirrels are not very graceful creatures doing yoga. I think I invented a pose though, squirrel pose. I was born with squirrel arms. Great for climbing and scrambling up mountains and hillsides but not great for graceful yoga poses or binds. Why is it that sometimes the most knowledgeable or experienced people are sometimes the most humble. Suddha was really helpful, and encouraging. I sometimes feel like an ashtanga yoga flunkie but he was very accepting and very unassuming but I could tell off the bat, very wise..............

Went to the Green City Market, have asparagus galore which is my VOTW(vegetable of the week)!!!!!! Learned about a new mushroom, a morel, that is my new SOTW(Shroom of the week). But feels like Fall in Chicago today and for a final random thought, I am really considering replacing my Iphone because I just really totally miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Made asparagus soup last night, and also blanched some asparagus for asparagus, arugula, mushroom and parmesan salad that I'll dress with a vinaigrette.....yeah!!!!!!!!!! green things...These will be my lunch and dinner that maybe I'll make a popover to have with.  

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Skiing, Mysore and Asparagus

I have still been in mourning over my Iphone, life has definitely not been the same. Also, most people have fantasies about............,I have been dreaming about skiing in Alaska or I'll take Snowbird or Aspen and climbing the Ramdung and Parchemo peaks in Nepal with Ade Summers as my guide, or going to Africa again and this time to Ethiopia or Uganda. I would so love to be going on a mountain trek somewhere..TOMMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, I have decided that I am finally committing to Mysore practice with Bill Shapleigh at Yogaview....given my tendency towards perfectionism, I have been intimidated to go because I still don't have every posture memorized. However, I FEEL so much better after ashtanga that I realize I HAVE to go. So I am now going to practice the full series 3x a week and in the morning which breaks all slacker barriers for me. At least for the month of May!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And today is a great day because it is Green Market foraging and time for asparagus, which after I finally caught on, in a class by Roger Herring of Socca, that if you peel the asparagus, you don't have to cook it much and it tastes soooooooo great, May will be asparagus month!!!!!!!!! I have a great simple recipe from Roger's class,  of chicken, asparagus and arugula salad with a very basic balsamic vinaigrette that I can eat 24/7,  a great puree from Michael Ruhlman's blog, and I'll see what idea's Heidi offers.

I am focusing on green things, asparagus, money, I'll check if peas are up yet, money, and will be grateful all the time that I can bike around everywhere and run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yet another random meandering from JB........