Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mysore, SUCCESS!!!

I completed my first Mysore class today. I have intended to go to a class for years. Class is somewhat of an oxymoron, because it isn't a class, you/I practice on my own, at my own speed without any instruction. The biggest reason I had not gone to a Mysore class is that I was worried I would not remember all of the Primary Series poses, being the obsessive type, I did not want to go to class unless I completed the WHOLE thing!!!  Friends from my weekly class at Yoga view had encouraged me to go Suddha Weixler's class at 8am at Chicago Yoga Center. The next excuse I created is that Suddha is a very high level, senior teacher who has been taught directly by Sri Pattabhi Jois, who introduced ashtanga yoga to the world outside India, so I am such a beginner at the Primary series that I thought I would embarrass myself, and feel foolish there.
In yoga classes it is very easy to get caught up in body image issues but at the same time it is great because it is a perfect environment to work on those issues. But for me, to go to a new place brings back all the thoughts that I have worked so hard to get rid of and I totally forget about self acceptance.
But I am so happy, I did it!!!!!!!!!!!  I created a few poses along the way and I decided there is a reason the Hindus did not create a squirrel god because squirrels are not very graceful creatures doing yoga. I think I invented a pose though, squirrel pose. I was born with squirrel arms. Great for climbing and scrambling up mountains and hillsides but not great for graceful yoga poses or binds. Why is it that sometimes the most knowledgeable or experienced people are sometimes the most humble. Suddha was really helpful, and encouraging. I sometimes feel like an ashtanga yoga flunkie but he was very accepting and very unassuming but I could tell off the bat, very wise..............

Went to the Green City Market, have asparagus galore which is my VOTW(vegetable of the week)!!!!!! Learned about a new mushroom, a morel, that is my new SOTW(Shroom of the week). But feels like Fall in Chicago today and for a final random thought, I am really considering replacing my Iphone because I just really totally miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Made asparagus soup last night, and also blanched some asparagus for asparagus, arugula, mushroom and parmesan salad that I'll dress with a vinaigrette.....yeah!!!!!!!!!! green things...These will be my lunch and dinner that maybe I'll make a popover to have with.  

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