Saturday, May 2, 2009

Skiing, Mysore and Asparagus

I have still been in mourning over my Iphone, life has definitely not been the same. Also, most people have fantasies about............,I have been dreaming about skiing in Alaska or I'll take Snowbird or Aspen and climbing the Ramdung and Parchemo peaks in Nepal with Ade Summers as my guide, or going to Africa again and this time to Ethiopia or Uganda. I would so love to be going on a mountain trek somewhere..TOMMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, I have decided that I am finally committing to Mysore practice with Bill Shapleigh at Yogaview....given my tendency towards perfectionism, I have been intimidated to go because I still don't have every posture memorized. However, I FEEL so much better after ashtanga that I realize I HAVE to go. So I am now going to practice the full series 3x a week and in the morning which breaks all slacker barriers for me. At least for the month of May!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And today is a great day because it is Green Market foraging and time for asparagus, which after I finally caught on, in a class by Roger Herring of Socca, that if you peel the asparagus, you don't have to cook it much and it tastes soooooooo great, May will be asparagus month!!!!!!!!! I have a great simple recipe from Roger's class,  of chicken, asparagus and arugula salad with a very basic balsamic vinaigrette that I can eat 24/7,  a great puree from Michael Ruhlman's blog, and I'll see what idea's Heidi offers.

I am focusing on green things, asparagus, money, I'll check if peas are up yet, money, and will be grateful all the time that I can bike around everywhere and run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yet another random meandering from JB........

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