Friday, June 26, 2009

I Got It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally have the Primary Series memorized. I totally spaced out in my Mysore class last Thursday morning and messed up on the sequence. I did not bring my cheat sheet and I got tired and just forgot. But sometimes when we mess up we learn and I think I now know the Series, yeah!!!!!! At least the beginner version of the Series, I don't pretend to KNOW it but I at least know what I am suppose to be attempting at my level. THis is a MAJOR yoga breakthrough for me. The other break through occurred when I basically had a private lesson with Bill last week because I was the only one who showed up for class. I got so many insights into the poses and practice, it was great!!!! And I initially felt bad for Bill that he was stuck with only me but he was very patient and encouraging and like Paul Weitz maintains a sense of humor about it.
I continue to take Bill Shapleigh's lead class at Yogaview on Tuesday night and I am trying to get to 1 or 2 mysore classes a week or take Daylene Christensen's class at Moksha. As with most activities that require skill, the more I know the more I realize what I don't know. But that is okay, it just adds dimension to the practice and even though I am repeating the same postures over and over, they are different every time I attempt them. SO anyone who says they get bored doing the same sequence of postures just does not get IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I am getting close to getting a new Iphone, in the old days I would just have gotten one no problem because I had the dollars but in this time of little cash I just can't go out and spend $200, so I am continuing to try to carve our a financially sustainable life but one where I don't have to go into too corporatey a job. That is just not me anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I had a quick trip to Holland to celebrate a surprise birthday party for an old college roommate. It was sooooooooo great to see such a loving family, a beautiful house, tons of flowers, although I did not wear a tulip skirt to the party!!! I forgot how much I love Europe, traveling, how I am much more comfortable outside of the US than in the US. That one of the things I actually like about working at the retail store that I do, is that I meet people from all over the world!!!! I love attempting to speak different languages. I find traveling so easy. The wines that my friend's husband chose were wonderful, a great Nuits Saint Georges, I have bicycled through Burgundy and have tasted some amazing grand crus, and after drinking my great value less than 10$ a bottle every day wine, it was luxurious to drink the Burgundy. Lots of cheese, herring and strawberries. The entire trip was very affirming and I have to say I loved traveling business on KLM on the way over.....

I have not been very inspired to blog much lately, just trying to keep my head above water financially and just mad about the world. Why do so many jobs that don't do much to help society pay so much and the jobs that actually help people pay so little??????????????? I am just having a very hard time coming to terms with the two. Take health, if people actually paid attention to what they eat, didn't rush around so much, actually took time to do yoga, pilates, anything where you learn how to breath correctly and reset your spine, walked and bicycled more rather than drive and sit in cars, everyone's health would be a lot better. But the justification is that they are too busy, that they are trying to earn a living and that they just don't have time or the money to do the things that would actually help them feel better. Everyone has a choice and so much of American society is work, work, rush, rush and quite frankly, everyone has a choice not to rush. When friends tell me that they are too busy, I just think it is a bunch of baloney, everyone is as busy as they allow themselves to be, you prioritize what you prioritize that is it..........................Maybe I have been eating too many green things..................

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Are Morning People Born or Made?

       Are morning people born or made? That is the question. I finally had my future self voice win out over my waking up voice today and I got out of the house by 6:15, on to the bike path by 6:25 and I even stopped to pet a German Short Hair Pointer that was being walked on Fullerton by the Lakefront and then to my second mysore class of my life by 7:05am. I was done with the Primary Series by 8:30, stopped at Vanille Patisserie for an almond croissant and coffee as my reward and got to a meeting at 9:30. 
       But as I biked along the Lakefront I looked at all the people jogging and they were all thin and fit. There were none of my people there.  My usual battle in the morning is that my waking self changes my mind for me and decides that being ensconced in my comfortable bed is far gentler than getting up any earlier than 8:15. My waking self likes to wake up leisurely and gently because I had so many years of literally, rolling out of bed, barely getting out of the house and barely getting to my desk by 7:30 and feeling horrible and feeling tired and feeling fat and feeling not fit and being unhappy that I was there so I would load up on lattes to get myself going and the whole day was about comforting myself with food.
On a trek, I found it much easier to rise early because usually the porters were up and their voices waked me up, they would bring coffee to my tent and the sun would be out and it was a nice way to get up. Getting up at 3 or 4 on summit days was a pain in the butt, however, once I was out I almost felt like I was sleep walking until about 7:30 or 8 when my whole self would finally wake up. Is it coded into our DNA what time we wake up.
                                                      I had a great yoga class, Bill gave me some great adjustments and yet again I found my body slowly inching into positions it had not been in before. And I have to say I was really happy practicing yoga with the sun streaming in on me. I was joyful and happy!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                      As I biked on my way to yoga, I decided I am going to be much more compassionate when I see people jogging/running late morning or middle of the day on a Saturday. That was me a lot of the time, I had the record for being the fittest for how unfit I looked.
                                                    SO today the sun shined and I was able to do it and I decided that on the whole it is coded into our DNA in terms of how we arise in the morning but as I learned from my dog Sophie, an old dog can learn new tricks. And since I am not that old yet, I have no excuse, so I can learn new things and at least once a week get myslef in gear and out of the house early.