Friday, June 26, 2009

I Got It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally have the Primary Series memorized. I totally spaced out in my Mysore class last Thursday morning and messed up on the sequence. I did not bring my cheat sheet and I got tired and just forgot. But sometimes when we mess up we learn and I think I now know the Series, yeah!!!!!! At least the beginner version of the Series, I don't pretend to KNOW it but I at least know what I am suppose to be attempting at my level. THis is a MAJOR yoga breakthrough for me. The other break through occurred when I basically had a private lesson with Bill last week because I was the only one who showed up for class. I got so many insights into the poses and practice, it was great!!!! And I initially felt bad for Bill that he was stuck with only me but he was very patient and encouraging and like Paul Weitz maintains a sense of humor about it.
I continue to take Bill Shapleigh's lead class at Yogaview on Tuesday night and I am trying to get to 1 or 2 mysore classes a week or take Daylene Christensen's class at Moksha. As with most activities that require skill, the more I know the more I realize what I don't know. But that is okay, it just adds dimension to the practice and even though I am repeating the same postures over and over, they are different every time I attempt them. SO anyone who says they get bored doing the same sequence of postures just does not get IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I am getting close to getting a new Iphone, in the old days I would just have gotten one no problem because I had the dollars but in this time of little cash I just can't go out and spend $200, so I am continuing to try to carve our a financially sustainable life but one where I don't have to go into too corporatey a job. That is just not me anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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