Saturday, August 15, 2009

Aspiring and Doing

After having watched this video, and having watched this video, and read Olga's recap of her finish, . I aspire and would love to finish the Hardrock 100. It is a 100 mile race through the San Juan mountains. I love Telluride, one of my favorite hikes in the universe so far is the Sneffels Highline trail at the height of wild flower season, which is usually late July and early August where the flowers grow taller than me, (5ft.2"). I have climbed Wilson Peak and Mount Sneffels and mountain biked from Telluride to Moab. I just love the mountains out there and for some reason I just really aspire to finishing this race but I am SO FAR from even attempting it. I am signed up to run a 50 mile race in mid-Octber and right now I have a sore upper hamstring tendon in my left leg which is driving me buggy and even if I was perfectly healthy I have not been putting much mileage in. I find it hard to get out and even get an hour run done because I have gotten really bored running on the Lakefront, I would love to figure out somehow how to move myself and my life to Aspen or Telluride but I just cannot figure out how.

I aspire to finishing my story on the Jagged Edge which I have about 20 pages written right now of an essay rather than a story, I have the story mapped out somewhat but no ending.

I aspire to making it to Mysore at 7 in the morning 2 days a week but right now my hamstring makes forward bends a bit painful which stinks!!!!

But aspiring and doing are 2 completely different things. I so admire the farmers I come into contact with, the chefs, the activists who are so focused and completely immersed in their passion for a specific thing!!! I came across this great video on Carrie from Naha and Sarah from Prairie Grass, on their trip to Alaska. They are totally focused on their businesses, the authenticity of what they do and making a difference and inspiring change. Here is one on activist Debbie Hillman of Evanston.

I just dream of running through the mountains and traveling more to hike over remote mountain passes in other parts of the world, ike the Pamirs, like the Tien Shan, like the remote valleys in Nepal. I once did actually climb, although hard for me to believe at the moment, click here, to see a slide show of my trip to Mongolia and I am the one in blue with the white helmet on who is summiting and then sitting at the summit. I actually once did do things!!!!

I have been trying to ice my hamstring, layoff running and yoga for a few days but it stinks, because no yoga and no running puts me in a very bad mood, I think I was some kind of goat in a previous life and I am so much happier outside all the time and I am happier doing cartwheels and backbends and backward rolls....WIth the airshow this weekend the lake water is not great for swimming because there are a lot of boats in the water which means more gasoline, trash, etc and so far the noise has not been too bad but the air show only reminds me of war, destruction and death.

Thank goodness for the webs and blogs, they are comforting to me because when I feel I am a fish out of water living in the city rather than the mountains and feeling so unconventional when I live in a rather conventional, conservative city, I can read about people that are DOING the things that I want to do and I can get inspired by the people around me like the chefs and farmers and activists who are doing what THEY want to do.

I used to finish my poetry with a line, "I wish someone had the answer" and I guess I still kind of wish that......

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