Friday, August 28, 2009

Dreaming and Healing

Okay, I have been totally dreaming about skiing, hiking, trekking, and mountain biking again. A friend from the store took this pic awhile ago, yes, there have been times where I have actually had fun there although this friend just moved to New York, so the nice people there are fewer and fewer and it is getting to be just the entrenched mean people. SO this is me playing make-believe I am in the Wakkhan which looks like a totally cool place, my friend Ades took all these great pics!!!!! So Wakkhan is I think on the top of my list now for if I ever have money again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the slide show from Mongolia with my summiting Mt. Huiten still exists, yes that is me with the White Helmet on, and I am at the front of the table with a Jackson Hole headband on and on the rocks with blue pants on and my Pakistan movie is still on YouTube, but will I ever be able to go to the Wakkhan or Uganda and climb the Mountains of the Moon and see the gorillas....there is so much to see in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I am still healing from my hamstring tendon injury. I am used to sore, but(no pun intended if u get what I mean..) this was REALLY sore, so I am going out for a 45 minute easy jog but I have stayed away from ashtanga which completely affects how I feel and think. But there is not much to do sometimes but let your body heal and I have to just respect that no matter how hard it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I am beginning to wonder if we have ever had a summer here in Chicago although what I suspect is that we are going to have some beautiful days in September and October. Remember the Chicago marathon of a few years ago and people dying of heat exhaustion??

And I went to a great event this week that Slow Food sponsored at the Daley Plaza, an Eat-In to support the Child Nutrition Act, then coincidentally they were running an interview on TV by Charlie Rose of Ferran Adria and Joses Andres and Adria was talking about the importance of the quality of food children eat. But I am always in awe of a lot of the people who were there because they are dedicated to the cause not to the money that they made or the publicity. And I am in awe of them because I love money, not 100%, but I do like some of the creature comforts, and the money to go skiing, and traveling and eating at great restaurants!!!!!!

And I just always am so appreciative of blue skies in Chicago, this is another grey, yucky day.....I am dreaming of blue skies as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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