Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pho to Go....

I've been to Hanoi and went hiking in the Sapa Region and kayaking on Halong bay. I loved Vietnam, it's cuisine is unbelievable yummy, a marriage of everything French and everything Vietnamese, lemon grass, dumplings, beef broth, bean sprouts and butter what a combination. My favorite countries to travel in are ones with great cuisine histories and great places to climb, trek and generally have fun in the outdoors like Morocco, all the wild mint in the mountains and great oranges and tomatoes, central China/Asia all the great noodle, egg plant and lamb dishes, I lived on noodles in Xinjiang province and I lived on saki, beer,gyoza and yasai itame in Niigata prefecture when I went to IUJ, of course biking through Burgundy, the Dordogne and all the great condiments I bought along the way, all the oils, vinegars and salts and of course foie gras.

So..given my lack of traveling and depression from all the lack of in my life, lack of mountains, skiing, hiking, I am going to start adding and make a list of local restaurants I want to check out. Chicago has a great Vietnamese community in the Argyle area so I am going to try either Tank Noodles or Pho777 for their Pho. I haven't quiet decided which one but Pho is one of those absolutely, amazing comfort foods. When I went to business school at NYU in NYC, I used to walk through China town with my friend Lili who is now married, twin boys and living in Hong Kong. We used to stop at a tiny little shop for $3 Pho, along with the cheap designer bag place, Fulton Street felt like Hong Kong and they would throw tons of bean sprouts on top of the bowl.

So my 2 things I am going to do, get up at 5am and run for an hour and I am going to try one of the cheap Pho places. It is really easy to bike around Chicago, since I have no money to ski or travel I might as well get as thin and fit as I can and eat, great, cheap food!!! Mysore is going to get in the lineup soon to.

I may be incredibly depressed but I still have to do things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Depression sucks, people who don't get it are so lucky!!!!!!! I am going to focus on enjoying the tiny, cool, cheap things that you can do in Chi-town and biking and running all over the place which is free too!!!


Cat said...

Jeannie it hits me often as well, I admire your ability to accept and keep moving - it is what has to be done.

Your travelling sounds amazing and I know I said this before but I am very envious of your worldly travels!


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