Monday, October 26, 2009

WHen Worlds Collide

I always loved the Seinfeld episode that had George lamenting about his worlds colliding. He didn't want his girlfriend who knew "girlfriend George" to meet "baseball George and his friends", i have the names wrong, but basically George was freaking out that his girlfriend was learning to much about the "other Georges". George said something to Jerry along the lines of "Jerry, She can't meet XXXX, that would be like worlds colliding".

I love it when my worlds collide. The latest write-up on Serious Eats on the preview to Baconfest that was held last weekend (I stupidly did not sign up for it)...Explained how the guys that founded Baconfest got the idea supposedly after seeing a play by the Neofuturists. I love it when plays and food collide. Now all I need is for trail running, traveling, food, writing, plays and money to collide!!!!!!! I really was stupid not signing up to go to the Baconfest event, it sounds like it was a very cool thing and I love my wheat grass, arugula, beets and goat cheese but who does not love pork belly???? It is all portions and appreciation of what is in front of you......

Ciao(no food pun intended or intended)