Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cook Now

Okay, if I am not running, working, practicing yoga, then I am cooking, eating or drinking among other things. I created a new bookmark on my Bookmarks Bar Called COOKNOW.

The 2 recipes on my hit list 1)Silver Palate Sausage and Cornbread stuffing
2) Brussel Sprouts with Black Bean Sauce and Bacon

Addition:The CookNow bookmark list continues to grow, Mushroom Risotto does not sound that hard to make and sounds really yummy, and of course I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mushrooms!!!Just read a recipe for Ricotta Pancakes where you separate the eggs and whip the whites. I totally forgot about the whipping of the whites, it makes the pancakes even fluffier. And for me, the excellent cook in my head and the erratic cook in reality, pancakes are so forgiving and easy, anyone can make pancakes they are that easy and they taste so good and they are great fuel. My friend Joe M., Mr. Amazing Runner used to always eat these to fuel up for long races....T

I thought the Brussel Sprouts(for me, I need a good veggie) and the stuffing(for them, who does not like stuffing?) might be good "bring" dishes for an Potluck Thanksgiving meal I am going to, I am not a fan of traditional thanksgiving fare or really of the whole thing of a huge, meal of turkey, potatoes, etc....But I am testing them out this weekend....

In the old days, my Thanksgiving schedule was, run the Turkey Trot, then fly to Salt Lake and ski at Snowbird for the weekend...I do miss those days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I firmly believe those days will come again!!!

Finally, I have encountered some very cool people and I have come across sullen and surly people what I have to remember is that although it is really unpleasant to be around the sullen and surly people my best bet is to just ignore them and accept that that is the way they are, if they choose to throw off that energy that is their business and my business is to just ignore it and them.....My best bet is to focus on the people that are pretty amazing like Nicole Bergere who is running a cracker company at the age of 84, and growing the company, I find that really motivating, and all my yoga friends who are such positive forces and my bosses at EC who go into the pretty amazing camp!!!!!! So the people I encounter who are into the aggressive, negative reinforcement, "I'm just playing with you" meanness, the sullenness and surliness, I just have to have very strong boundaries, ignore it and focus on the cool people like Nicole......she is definitely a steel magnolia....

And I have to be thankful for the people who reach out and do nice things, like organizing a T-giving potluck and being inclusive rather than exclusive, there are nice, great people out there and to come full circle great foods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So for T-giving I have to remember it is my choice to seek out wheat grass, vegetables, healthy things so I have to remember to focus on the cool, amazing people and just ignore the negative people and not let negative reinforcement, attitudes get me down!!!!!!!!!!