Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Getting the New Year's List Ready

Okay, it is that time to get my To Do list for 2010, which I can't believe!!!

The trip I would love to go on, peace exists in this video abut my friend Ade's trip last summer to Afghanistan...The book that is a must read, Stones into Schools by Greg Mortenson which I have not read but I am going out and buying today. I read Three Cups of Tea which takes place in and around the Baltoro Glacier but is all about the hospitality of the Pakistani people. But the video and the book is what adventure is really about but adventure in a grass roots diplomacy type of way, changing the world through peaceful means.
At the store we mostly sell coats so people will be warm living in Chicago but what I really love is encouraging people to travel and see the world. Traveling, trekking and climbing I think changes the way people think for the better. And it shows you what little some people have in parts of the world and what little it takes to make them happy and how much we have here in the United States to be thankful for!!!!

1) Finish 2 ultras at least, get my mileage up to at least 40 week

2)Ski again

3)Hike again

4)Make mysore part of my regular weekly schedule, I really feel a difference if I am not practicing yoga.

5)A job where I work with bright, friendly, energetic people and in an environment where I thrive and am stimulated and a company that encourages the best out of people.

6) I am avoiding or ignoring people who are surly, sullen, dramatic, controlling, negative, fault finding and insecure,bullies, drama queens, mean is too short to get trapped in their view of things and it is not healthy, you know who you are!!!!

7) Put a plan in place to move to the mountains, enough already......

8)Continue to streamline my food, make an effort to juice ideally daily, spinach or arugula daily, I just realize I feel much better and don't get sick when I am eating green things and beets, carrots regularly...

9)Work on drinking more water...this is very hard for me to do

10)Tea before I go to bed...I really need to get in the tea habit

11)ideally become an age group runner speed work once a week, really start training, run with the Chicago Ultrarunners

12)Complete short story on Jagged Edge..

13)Continue through the magazine and other venues to promote healthy foods, and local restaurants and businesses that have great products and use local don't have to be less active as you age...

14)Have a lot more fun(which means avoiding the negative people) and focus on the humane people