Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 More Ways to Save the Earth & a New List

I am continuing with Philippe Bourseiller's list of 365 Ways to Save the Earth, and I would love to travel to all the places he has taken pictures of.

11. Do not feed wild animals. It alters their behavior. In parks it attracts vermin.
12. Reward socially responsible companies by investing in them. Like companies like North Face or Columbia.
13. Use the refrigerator properly. If you lower ambient room temperature, your refrigerator uses less energy.
14.Coffee, milk and sugar, say "no" to individual portions. The extra packaging is a waste and adds to the cost of the product.
15.Use natural paints. Paints are cocktails of chemicals. Colori Eco Paint Boutique in Bucktown sells earth friendly paint.
16. Switch off lights you don't need.
17. Check the energy efficiency rating when you buy household appliances. The City of Chicago is giving away for FREE energy efficient light (CFL) bulbs!
18. Rediscover your grandmother's remedies. Like lemon for copper.Using microfiber cloths eliminates the need for chemicals when cleaning.
19. Drive more slowly. Each 5 mile increase over 60 mph is like paying 10 cents more for gas.
20. Write to manufacturer's urging them to keep GMO's out of animal feeds.

Okay now here is my current list of the week...

Reasons not to go out for a run versus running
1. It is cold when I get out there... Okay I just need to layer more before I go out, it is not like I am living in northern Alaska!
2. My feet hurt when I run. My current companies running shoes really hurt my feet but they are free or highly discounted so that is what I run in. brother is shipping me a pair of Asics Gel Nimbus. And the other shoe on my list is Sportivas when I cash up a little.
3. My body aches, Well, it aches because I haven't run, I feel so much better when I go out running.
4. I am going to feel all the weight I need to lose still. Well, if I don't go running I stand no chance in getting skinnier.
5.I have to do, the magazine, looking for jobs, cleaning. bills, paperwork.. Well,,, I always feel better when I go out running.
6. It is too dark in the morning. Well, I bought a headlamp.
7. I still have an incredibly hard time getting up early(6am. which I realize is like sleeping in for some ultra runenrs)
8.The bigggest reason for me to run is because I love it and I love the outdoors and it is one of the best things I can do for myself when you are low on funds!!!!!! The outdoors is free to most just have to be creative in urban settings in how to take advantage of it!!!

Finally, through A Trail Runner's blog he did a run at the Armory in NYC which is my old neighborhood and through that I linked into the NYRRC site and they now have a database from 1987 of their races and I found a record of a lot of my old times......... And I have never been a real runner, I was built like a sherpa which is why I feel so comfortable in the mountains but I did run an 8 min/mile for a 20 mile race which I think is a sign of real fitness and I ran a 7:15/mile for a 5K. For real runners that is not fast but for me that was a real accomplishment. But I was also doing a hardcore speedworkout once a week with Bob Glover and then I was averaging 40 mile weeks which is a walk in the park for ultra people but they were all hard runs. SO I think Nike's old motto was totally worth a gizillion dollars, I just have TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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