Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010, Ways to Save the Earth

I love lists, have I not been more obvious about that fact!! I bought a book awhile ago that I have always treasured, "365 Ways to Save the Earth" by Philippe Bourseiller. It not only contains great ideas but it has beautiful pictures showing how many incredible natural phenomena there are in the world. So I am borrowing from his book and listing his idea a day for January 1 -10.

1.Buy recycled.Picture..sunrise
2.Turn doown your heating by 5 degrees F. Picture..Whale shark, Australia
3.Recycle your Christmas tree (if you bought one, and please never buy the artifical ones. My add)Picture..Bizzard over the inlandsis,continental ice sheet, Greenland.
4.Lobby the right for access to renewble electricity.(I have referenced this in my art piece of pictures of electric poles from all over the invented word..Electro-globicity) Picture,Aurora borealis Finland
5.Improve the efficiency of your radiators Picture Namib Desert, Namibia
6.Suggest composting at our children's school...Picture Klychuchevskaya volcano, Kamchatka, Russia...(I really want to go to Kamchatka and climb the volcanoes, they are the youngest and most active volcanic area in the world)
7.Reduce the amount of water flowing into your toilet's tank. Picture...Iceberg, Greenland
8.Buy fair-trade products and help combat child labor. Picture,,Lagoons, Baja California, Mexico...Have kayaked near La Paz, beautiful...
9.Make it a rule to buy only organic(or add) of a given product. Picutre..Acacia, Namibia
10. SIng an environmental charter for your favorite leisure activity. Picture...Soft coral, Indonesia...Have been to Bali,,,,loved it....want to go back, there are SO many islands, incredible...

Okay.....that is it for now....part of my procrastination before I head out the door for a quick jog with -7 wind chill. I remind myself it is not like I am living in the Arctic or Antartica, it is only Chicago and the sun is out today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year, Love life, Eat and support local as much as possible and as green as possible and embrace the outdoors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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