Saturday, February 20, 2010

NBC Olympic Coverage or How Not to Watch the Olympics

For some reason this time round, more than any other, I really feel that NBC is exerting their "Lucyness" over the Olympics. I grew up in a town where a lot of my classmates skied, so I am a fan of all the alpine events. Went to Dartmouth, a bit before (You go Andrew!!)Andrew Weibrecht's time when the college was about the mountains and the outdoors. The only way I have found to keep up real-time with the alpine events is either to just read the play-by-play results on the Olympic website and you can at least track the results and names and the other is read the Twitter comments. I even tried to go to the BBC and see if I could link on Live video there and a message came back"Not available in yor area".

It is really sad that in this day and age of instant everything, and all the technology at our finger tips, that NBC because of its contract can withhold viewing and pictures from the American public purely because they own the rights. The day and age of Big Brother is here. I don't think this hold will last for long(see below) and I think this attitude and actions shows what a dinosaur NBC is. First off, who watches Jay Leno, people do, but what people? People whose minds must be made of mush and are 80 years old. The video whizzes and techies will figure out by the next Olympics how to circumvent all this Big Brotherishness and hopefully Live/Real time viewing will be available....

How stupid does NBC really think we are by making an already run event, a real suspense in reshowing in Primetime as if it has just been run...NBC you lost me awile ago but now I know why.....

Well, finally found a Live Feed link to watch the Alpine events, I think that NBC has decided that skiing is a secondary sport....they would rather focus on Bobsled and Ice Dancing.....nothing wrong with either but SO TYPICAL..why do I feel like I should live in another country sometimes??

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OneSeedChicago said...

I think I read somewhere on Twitter that in Asia people were watching some sports live and we had to wait for the tape delay.

Crazy, that we couldn't want certain things live and we are on the same continent as they are being held on.