Monday, March 22, 2010

New Running Shoes,Will the relationship last?

Well, I went to the Shamrock Shuffle Expo and bought slightly used running shoes for $50, they really don't even looked use, Saucony Pro Grid Hurricane 11, listed on their website at $140. I am so excited!!! For the last 1+years I have been running in shoes I get from where I work, and between working all day on a cement floor with the shoes on and then running on the asphalt on the Lake Front, my feet and legs have been hurting. As much as the place has put us through training to explain all the thought that goes into producng the shoes, all the shoes hurt my feet after about a week of wear.

However, I still don't understand why the running shoes break down so quickly? The gortex versions of the their shoes do work really well in the snow but running on the Lakefront it feels like I am wearing cement shoes and the shoes really kill my feet. What is it about the midlayer and the material that the midsole is made out of that makes a Saucony, a Brooks or an Asics feel great and last a long time and the other shoes break down so quickly and feel so bad??

So the question is, will my relationship with the Saucony's last? Only time will tell but I now have no excuse when it comes to running because I now have shoes that are really comfortable!!!! Some other trail shoes I would love to try are Brooks Cascadas and La Sportivas which I have read really good things about. I was miserable for a long time having to put on the other shoes(I still have to wear them at work and leave work with my feet and legs and body aching a lot of the time) so now there will be a lot of homeless people who wear size 6 1/2 w/the shoes I get for free on. So my goal now is to get my mileage up and to stay off pavement as much as possible.

I also have to get back to speedwork once a week .. have to get in gear!!!!!!!!!

Woo hoo!!

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Cat said...

I just bought a new bike - it gets here Driday - and did it, for the same rweason you bought shoes, the old one was just not comfortable anymore!

I hope the new ones work well for you this spring and sumemr!