Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Food Adventures By Bike

I continue to love lists!!! I love Spring!!!! Well, there is nothing like eating, drinkng and biking. I love my vegetables, I love my healthy things and the food below is quality and healthy..so what is not to love?...I truly believe it is all in moderation and uppng the exercise!!!!!!

1. Bike (6-7miles, not bad) to Kuma's Corner, get a burger(have enough time while biking to think about which one) and beer, bike back.

2. Bike(prob same distance) to Great Lake Pizzeria, have sup and bike back.

3. Urban Belly, same thing..it seems like all I need is to hover around Elston and Belmont and I will hit all these places.

To be continued, I am not done! While I am coming up w/more ideas for the list, if you have an idea, leave a comment!!!!!!!


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