Friday, June 25, 2010

There is a Reason Slow Food is SO Good -Eat Less But Eat Well!!

Finally biked up to Great Lakes Pizza last night, finally understood why Slow Food is so good and this pizza was slow, got there to order a "To Go" at 7pm and picked it up, a #3, green onions, garlic and rapini at 8:30pm but that is okay!!!! I went to InFineSpirits, and had a glass of wine and checked out their local menu, okay first I stopped off at La Tache, and tried a La Tache martini, that was mighty good!!! It was such a beautiful night that I was okay with the wait.

When I finally picked up the pizza, I stopped at one of the cute little benches by a huge pot of flowers that are all over Andersonville and had 2 slices and ate them slowly!!! The crust was absolutely amazing and the ingredients, I was in "green heaven"!!! It hit me as I was savoring a piece, we don't need to eat that much food and we don't need to eat so quickly and I need to be more appreciate of little bites and how long it takes to make things really good. Nick and Lydia were working really hard and it takes time to make really good things!!!

From working in a corporate job, we expect everything right now, instantly and really good things, to be made really well and crafted take time and we don't need that much food, we just need better, higher quality more nutritious food!! So I happily biked my way home slowly along the Lakefront on the beautiful night that we had.

Meanwhile, my training for the 50 mile race in October is going slowly, so that I need to speed up a little and my tomato plant that I am growing for Tomato Fest, the Chalk's Early Jewel, is growing quickly and I successfully transplanted it to a much bigger pot, it is sitting in a very sunny place and already has 2 flowers on it!!!

So yeah to summer, yeah to eating slowly and being appreciative of small things!!!!!!!!!!!

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