Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thanks Wayne Dyer for another Great Dyerism!!

I think 99% of this blog is to remind myself of things that I have done, aspire to do or want to keep in mind, I was about to use the word, "should", and stopped, I really am trying to eliminate that word from my vocabulary. So the latest Dyerism that I really need to keep focused on....


If you meet someone whose soul is not aligned with yours, send them love and move along.

It is funny because in the farmers markets, artisan product world, I get very inspired by people who are completely focused on growing, cooking, creating products that are really fantastic and they never get the monetary payback relative to all the time but they certainly get the karmic payback because hopefully they are doing what they really want to do and can be proud of it. The ultramarathon world is inspiring because it has not yet reached the level of the "marathons" which have now become corporatized and the ultramarathoners are doing it because they really love the challenge and being out there...I just have to continue to focus on the spirit of these people and not let negative people who I encounter in life bring me down. I think negative people just are trying to suck you into their negative world because they want company in their negativeness and any engagement with these negative people even if they are dominating the room, the space you are standing in brings you into their world which is what they want. I have to keep this dyerism in mind. It is like the song, Move Along, by the All American Rejects. My brother who is a baseball coach, my niece calls him, "Coachie", specifically he works with pitchers, encounters this as well, my brother happens to be an excellent coach and I think some of the other coaches get intimidated by him because he is good so to make themselves feel better they belittle him behind his back which he knows to ignore, he knows it goes on and it makes for unpleasant situations but you just have to Move Along. So I just have to keep that song, Move Along, Move Along, it helps when I have been on death march treks in the hot sun, in races where I just feel horrible and in work situations where the people are really dragging me down, just have to Move Along!!!

One of these days I will come up with a great business idea that will help me to be sustainable financially. I had the idea for Drippy Dog, rain ponchos for large dogs but found it really hard to execute. So for all those people that are executing their ideas, and dreams, you go, you go, it is not easy to do but YOU are my inspiration!!!!!!!! Thanks Wayne Dyer for some more great words to live by!!!

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