Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to Fund a Life of Trekking and Climbing

In my Twitter meanderings, saw a link to an 85broads, member(6 degrees of separation-I have been a member of 85Broads) who I actually have spoken to in the past, who just completed an adventure grand slam, here. I don't have the urge to climb high profile peaks like Everest, except Aconcagua perhaps. I'd love to ski to the North Pole and go on other trips that are not so high profile. But how do you fund a life like that? I went close to broke funding the traveling life that I had. How do you fund a traveling life without(I am not saying that she did) having to do high profile climbs because of the name....Anybody want to fund me???

And have started training today...when you are 5' 2" and love to drink and eat and that "inner partyier" just won't go away, there is only one answer, ultras and I not talking Michelob now it is one foot in front of the have to start somewhere and that somewhere is here and now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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