Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time Flies, Training TIme and Tolerance

I think what the world needs now is a little more love and tolerance and a little less fighting and anger. I commited to the Common Threads marathon training team this year and training starts now. The CT mission is a really positive one that I can rally behind, it is about peace and learning tolerance about others through food. What the world needs now is more tolerance of one another, less anger and sitting down and sharing meals with one another.

I for one have had negative and positive relationships with food, and I think some of the over eating support groups out there deal with eating in a negative way, "don't eat that", "I was good", "I was bad". It is not about being good or being bad, it is learning healthful enjoyment about food and the enjoyment of cooking something that tastes good that people enjoy.

If you have read my Linkedin summary, I am all about spreading and sowing positive seeds of change. What better way to sow positive seeds then through children. So this is why I love the Common Threads mission so much. I also think there isn't enough laughter and plain fun in life. In a lot of jobs it is a sign of weakness to show that you are having fun, or to share a joke with a colleague. There is a lot of fun as well as hard work in cooking and learning the techniques of cooking. But it is all about learning positive fun things not negative fun things.

So as Dr. Wayne Dyer said in his affirmation today, unbending intent. So my intent is to raise $600 plus dollars for Common Threads, to train effectively so I have a lot of fun running the marathon and maybe have some left before or after the marathon to complete a 50K race this year. As people who know me, I firmly believe that eating healthful, thoughtfully grown or raised vegetables or animals affects how we think. So the more positive seeds that are sown in the world, of awareness of how to cook, of what types of foods to look for, to request, to grow, to eat,the better.

All this said, it isn't going to be easy, I inherited my grand mother's good skin but also her pudginess so I break the laws of physics everytime I run. I do think I was meant to be a sherpa because I can certainly keep going. But I am going to practice unbending intent on raising money for CT, on training, and experiencing the joyfulness that comes from training(okay....I will admit there are also times where you have to dig deep but that is where the intent comes in).....

I think the the CT website for raising money will be up at the end of April so look for it!!!! If you do anything, get outside for one, and cook something for yourself or others for two. These are little things but it is the little things that ultimately will create change!!!!!!!!!!




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