Thursday, May 19, 2011

Too Many Books, Too Little Time

I have a ton of books on my night table, I don't know how it happened. They aren't necessarily literary masterpieces, but they are all on topics that capture my interest. My night table was empty for a long time. If I go to a reading and like the topic I will buy the book to be supportive of the writer. Caitlin Kelly, beat me to a book about North Face, her book is called Malled and although very eerily we had some of the very same sentiments and even experiences, her time was spent in a mall, where I don't think I could have lasted very long. Michigan Avenue is its own unique experience, it is a world shopping district which is the cool thing about it, but Caitlin Kelly is also an amazing writer and she wrote a great, well researched book which I could not have done.

So the books on my table that are started not finished are, in no order of importance:

1) "World Without Fish" by Mark Kurlansky. I bought this at a signing that he did at the Nature Museum a few weeks ago, Dirk's Fish was there, along with the great ladies from the Shedd Aquarium. Although the book is written for kid's 9 years and up, it actually makes it easier to understand a very complicated subject and I have not finished the book yet but I hope that it ends on a happy note because it really is bringing home the subject of sustainable fishing. It is quirky and interesting..It makes me appreciate the time that I camped in Hokianga Harbor in the Bay of Islands in the north of New Zealand and we foraged for mussels and cooked them on the beach or the time that I went to local cafe in Puntos Arenas and had a heaping bowl of steamed shellfish of crustaceans that we will never ever see in the U.S. I highly, highly recommend this book to everyone who cares even a tiny iota about the environment.

2)"Forget Me Not" by Jennifer Lowe-Anker and is about her life and life after the death of her husband Alex Lowe one of the top climbers of all time. I met her at the North Face store on Michigan Avenue and she told me about the book and I have started it. If you are interested in what being a climber(rock,wall, bouldering) then you should really read this book because she really gets into the characteristics and the details of having the rock wall, climbing bug and all the cool places in the world that there are to climb.

3)"The Tenth Muse", by Judith Jones. Judith Jones was Julia Child's editor and the book is full of great detail of how her life shaped her interest in food and how she developed her point of view. This is one that I read, put down and go back to, since at some point I would love to publish some essays on food.

4) "Apartment Gardening" by Amy Pennington. This book caught my eye from Gwyneth Paltrow's email letter Goop. It is a great book as a resource with little rules of thumb, no garden pun intended, and with some really great, simple, seasonal recipes.

5)"Cinderella of Wall Street" by Lydia Fisher. I met Lydia at a get together she held at her apartment through the 85Broads group of Chicago. Lydia is one of the most gracious people I have met and eerily again we were in New York in the bond business some years apart but I completely know the world that she worked in. What is amazing to me because I worked in it, is that to succeed in that business took a lot of presence, energy and really steely determination because it is a really rough business. I have to finish her book because I think she just had complete confidence in herself which is what I really admire and she had a specific goal and knew where she wanted to go.

6)"Relentless Forward Progress" by Bryon Powell. Finally and I almost forgot this one and no, I have not run an ultra yet, but perhaps the title of this book is my new mantra, "relentless forward progress"...

I will admit, apartment gardening is more a resource I flip open, relentless just sits in front of me reminding me to do one thing, run......